Victoria Nuland should be fired!  That’s what many of us are thinking but no one has said it out loud.  Ms. Nuland should have learned the lesson of keeping some thoughts to herself or at the very least how to word her utterances with diplomacy.  She is in the diplomatic corp, isn’t she?

Here is the bottom line from the rest of us who may or may not know what is going on among the Ukraine, the U.S., Russia, and the E.U.  Victoria Nuland should be fired for being stupid.  Period.

I am tired already of two days of seeing a picture of Ms. Nuland flash on the screen with …. f*** the E.U ….. scrolling beneath her name.  And, I am even more tired of the press events trying to pass the blame to the Russians.  From Jay Carney to the State Department there are faces of shock that Russia would intercept (or whatever happened) a phone call between two members of our government and then post the conversation to Twitter or youTube.  Do they not know about the NSA?  Are they not aware that the U.S. was collecting phone data from Angela Merkel?  And, now we have the audacity to cry foul???

But, regardless of the opinions of the two people engaged in the conversation, there should be an awareness that anything said, particularly on a telephone, is no longer private.  There is negligible privacy left in the world …. anywhere, anytime.

That said, Ms. Nuland should have had enough sense to self-monitor during the conversation, rather than attempting to be smart.  She should not be fired for the words she uttered, but for being stupid enough to say them.